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from Dr. John Fillingim Hell-o

I am John M Fillingim MD class of 66. MCG. Was in Austin, TX until last year. Just wanted to say Hi and Your photography is great. I am back in Savannah, GA. Nice to know you are doing well. Previous Response:
from Emile Abbott
on March 22, 2012
 Hi John,
I remember all the mischief we used to get into in Savannah and Tybee Island before we got responsible and became docs. I wish I had known you were in Austin we could have gotten together. I am still practicing Internal Medicine in Del Rio, but am considering retiring either at end of this or next year. Getting tired of the Insurance and Medicare Mess. I am healthy at 72 and staying active. If I ever get back to Savannah I will look you up. Will you be retired or practicing?
Your long lost friend,
Emile "Bill" Abbott, MD

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