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Welcome to my photography website. There are over 100 different galleries of varied interest for you to enjoy. My bio can be found by clicking the bio button on the top.
***************************************************** Navigate through the site with the buttons on the top of the page.
***************************************************** Click Galleries: To view the multiple well organized gallery listing with detail on each contents.
***************************************************** Click either the photo or the name of the gallery: To see the gallery thumbnails to pick a specific photograph with full details on that photograph.
***************************************************** Click "more" to see additional thumbnails in the gallery.
***************************************************** Click slide show: To see a slide show of the gallery without details but with music. All photos will be in color either way.
***************************************************** You may purchase any photo by clicking "Purchase this photo". You will also see the price list and you can get details on the sales information page button on the top.
***************************************************** Please sign the guestbook and feel free to leave a comment. Thank you very much I appreciate your time and interest in my artistic photography. Now go and see the world "Through my Eyes". Emile Abbott, MD

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