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Question   New photo presentation
What a beautiful gallery Emile, I always enjoy you wonderful photos, I especially have enjoyed your travel and rodeo presentations. <><

- Nancy L. Green 5/2/2016 12:00:13 PM

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Question   Sensational!
Emile, your gallery is full of beauty and wonderment...fantastic work, as always. I have enjoyed meandering though:)
Patti Coblentz

- Patti Coblentz 5/8/2012 2:29:29 PM

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Question   Dr. Abbott
You truly saved my life back in 1981 when I had a severe case of pancreatitis in Atlanta. I saw me everyday at Rockdale Hospital. I want you to know I've never forgotten you and your saving my life. I hope you have had a great life since. It's so great to see your picture again.

Mike Watson

- Mike Watson 3/22/2012 10:16:09 AM

  Answer Hi Mike,
I think I remember you. That was some time back. I am practicing on the Tex/Mex Border town of Del Rio, Texas.
Am staying healthy, still married to Frances and have photography as a passion. Hope you enjoyed some of the photography on my site.
Emile Abbott, MD

- Emile A.  3/22/2012 11:40:16 AM

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Question   Hell-o
I am John M Fillingim MD class of 66. MCG. Was in Austin, TX until last year. Just wanted to say Hi and Your photography is great. I am back in Savannah, GA. Nice to know you are doing well.

- Dr. John Fillingim 3/15/2012 7:20:31 PM

  Answer Hi John,
I remember all the mischief we used to get into in Savannah and Tybee Island before we got responsible and became docs. I wish I had known you were in Austin we could have gotten together. I am still practicing Internal Medicine in Del Rio, but am considering retiring either at end of this or next year. Getting tired of the Insurance and Medicare Mess. I am healthy at 72 and staying active. If I ever get back to Savannah I will look you up. Will you be retired or practicing?
Your long lost friend,
Emile "Bill" Abbott, MD

- Emile A.  3/22/2012 12:00:30 PM

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Question   Conyers, GA
Stunning photographs! Who would have guessed that our trusted physician would have such wonderful talent. We still miss you in Conyers!

- Linda Townsend 2/11/2010 7:48:10 AM

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Question   www.madelinemeredithphotography.com
Your work is an inspiration for me

- Boni Ray Chaney 11/23/2009 7:19:04 PM

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Question   ARC Fashion/Style Show

Your photos are excellent!!!!! I especially enjoyed those of Father Guido. Thanks for all you have done for the ARC and for this community.


- David Scarbo 7/24/2009 12:25:46 PM

  Answer My pleasure glad you liked them Hope the girls did aa well. Doc

- Emile A.  7/26/2009 11:37:11 AM

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Question   Web Site
Your photos are a treat for everyone. Continue your pursuit of excellence, and know that your friends and clients appreciate the magnificent quality of your photographic skills.

- Maximilian Martin 6/29/2009 2:43:48 PM

  Answer Thanks Max
Doc A

- Emile A.  6/29/2009 3:49:15 PM

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Question   all galleries
love the site and photos.

- william rattay 6/25/2009 6:55:13 PM

  Answer thanks Bill, Doc Abbott

- Emile A.  6/26/2009 6:31:40 AM

  Answer I wnaetd to spend a minute to thank you for this.

- Brandice Brandice  8/17/2011 3:18:29 AM

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Question   Web site
Great work on the site Rock.. It flows nicely and even though I did not have enough time to navigate each page there seemed to be no glitches. after spending a huge amount of time on my own website for my company I know how much work this is and how at times it feels so fruitless. You have climbed the tech mountain and your photography is certainly worthy of the accolades here. I will return when I have a bit more time.Initial reaction is very positive.Congratulations...

- Dennis Doyle 6/23/2009 10:42:06 AM

  Answer Thank you very much Dennis for your wonderful comment and review it is much appreciated. The site is in constant development so feel free to drop by often. Emile

- Emile A.  6/26/2009 6:30:39 AM

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